learn to make natural skin care products

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Giving teenagers the control to manage their own skin

what we do

Teaching teenagers how to care for their skin and make their own products

Being a teenager is hard enough without having to worry about who to ask about teen skincare or trying to find out which products to use. Skincare has become a massive industry and we aim to make it simple and fun. Our intent is to take the stress of skincare, away from teenagers, and empower them with the knowledge to look after their own skin.

If you want to learn about teen skincare and how to make your own products, then read on….

The value in this is that teenagers are given anonymity, so there is no need to go to a store to purchase skincare....they can make it at home from ingredients found in the kitchen. They can then lock themselves in the bathroom and use the skincare in total privacy.

Our Mission

To equip every teenager with the knowledge to care for their own skin and to show them how they can make their own skincare products.

We want every teenager to have access to natural skincare and have the opportunity to be in control of their own skin.
A teenage girl, with short black hair and a blonde streak, washing her face with water.

Extraordinary Experiences

Workshops should be fun. Our aim is to deliver activity based workshops, engaging everyone, in a creative atmosphere.

Skincare should be simple. We provide all the ingredients and equipment to make a product, so you can make it and take it home to use.

The 3 minute challenge

We challenge you to take the 3 minute a day routine, for three weeks, and see what an amazing difference it makes to your skin.

The challenge is explained in our workshops and is very simple.

Testimonials & Gallery

Biki ran a teen skincare session with approximately 15 teenagers. She showed passion and enthusiasm in the topic and kept them all engaged during the session. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our participants.
Biki presented to a group of teens at our school for students who are disadvantaged and disengaged from mainstream schooling. Although they can be a tricky group to engage, Biki’s well organised and relevant presentation maintained their interest and enthusiasm. From the moment they entered the space, students were drawn in by the beautifully arranged and exciting work stations. Biki taught them how to mix their own skin care with all natural ingredients, and students left with their own little pot of scrub and much needed information about the various ways to care for their skin. One of my students gifted me an extra jar of scrub. Using it, the results were a clean and healthy glow with a product good enough to eat! BBCS now has an ongoing relationship with Biki; she will present annually as we bring through fresh faces. Biki’s calm and kind approach to teaching will surely continue to inspire. Thank you Biki.