Who we are

Building confidence and learning a life skill is empowering.

Teenagers are faced with constant change, not only with their bodies, but their entire world. As they steer through discovering who they are, it is comforting to know that they are in control of something. 

To be in control of managing their own skin and knowing how to make products themselves, is not only a life skill, but one which empowers them. Teen skincare is here to help teenagers build confidence and self-discipline by providing them with the information to create a cost effective, quick and simple skincare routine. The workshops are unique and enable the participants to make their own products, with access to further recipes through this website.

The value in this is that teenagers who do not want to be seen using or buying skincare, are able to look after their skin in privacy.

Once they attend the workshops and gain the knowledge to manage their skin and make products for themselves, they are able to go in their bathrooms and look after their skin – in total privacy. 

It cultivates a life long self-care routine.

Our mission is to equip every teenager with the knowledge to care for their own skin and to show them how they can make their own skincare products.

Our aim is for every teenager to have access to skincare and have the opportunity to be in control of their own skin.

Teen skincare is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and services the Adelaide metropolitan area.

As a Mum of a teenager and a qualified Beauty Therapist, I created this business. I have always been interested in natural skincare, often making products for myself and the family. Through my contact with teenagers, it became apparent that many lack the knowledge to care for their skin, or find it overwhelming and confusing. That is how teen skincare started, with a desire to give access to quality products and basic information to teenagers and put them in control of their skin.

We are happy to go outside of the metro area, so please contact us to make an enquiry.

We come to you, with all the equipment and ingredients, so you are ready to take control of your skin.

Contact us to book a workshop, or for further information on participant numbers and pricing.